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When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile, proactive dental care can be the difference between keeping and losing natural teeth. In the case of tooth infection, deep cavity, or severe tooth fracture, some patients need root canal therapy in order to regain their dental health.

At Mterowest Family Dentistry, we know that the prospect of root canal therapy can be overwhelming. By combining personalized treatment plans with a commitment to patient comfort, Orlando dentist Dr. Alan Heap makes root canal treatment a comfortable, easy process.  Root canals help to:

  • Save Your Natural Teeth: A root canal removes the source of your tooth infection, cleaning out bacteria that can damage teeth past the point of no return.

  • Avoid the Complications of Extraction: Keeping your natural teeth is always best for your oral health. By seeking root canal therapy, you can avoid tooth extraction and the secondary treatment needed to replace natural teeth.

  • Eliminate Dental Pain: A tooth infection is a painful dental problem, but a root canal relieves this pain in as little as one appointment.           

  • Prevent the Spread of Infection: Untreated, tooth infections can spread beyond the roots of teeth, into bone, causing bone loss and other oral health concerns. Root canal therapy stops infection in its tracks.

Experiencing sharp pain when chewing or biting? Have you noticed dental sensitivity to extreme temperatures? Call Dr. Alan Heap today to schedule your root canal consultation and protect your smile. 


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